Bashri Humble
This service is the best. They always take care of us and provide excellent service. Thank you for putting up with our #*%! Boat running great.. Two thumbs up
Greg R.
Great Work Zach help me out and saved me a lot of money . He came to my boat and quickly diagnosed my boat gas problem . the only mistake I made was not calling Watercraft Mobile marine pros first. Zack was a pro and vary nice and on time .
Thomas P.
Zach is the best. Quick reply, diagnosed the problem maintaining a high degree of professionalism and customer service. Going forward I will only deal with Watercraft Mobile marine pros. I have given Zach the O.K to pass my cell number to any potential clients that need further validation.
Andrea W.
I could basically copy and post Dan R's review. After being strung along for months, by other mechanics we found Zach and have been so happy with his skills, reliability, and price. He does what he's going to do when he says he's going to do it. If there is a hiccup, for us, just some delays on parts thanks to Covid and the age or of our boat, he is very timely at letting us know and managing our expectations. More importantly, my husband took the boat out for the first time in ages after his repairs and it ran great and they made it back to the dock safely!
Dan R.
I found Watercaft Marine Pros on Yelp.I almost don't want to say how good Zach is because most other outboard mechanics were booked out for weeks. Zach was very quick to reply, came to my place to expertly diagnose and repair everything quickly and for a very fair price. A lot of mechanics get a bum rap because if one little thing goes wrong, the client assumes it is because the mechanic does not know what they are doing. Zach pays very close attention to detail. He has deep knowledge, but also knows when it is time to do some deeper research and get back to you with the right answer, not the quick fix answer.
Michael E.
Rodney is the best. Honest, reasonable and makes customer service #1. I would recommend Watercraft Mobile for any boat owner that needs engine or electrical repairs without leaving the harbor. Michael